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The goal is the development and implementation of innovative technical and technological solutions aimed at optimizing and increasing the efficiency of well construction technologies in mature fields, as well as in regions with difficult mining-and-geological and natural-and-climatic conditions.

One of the primary tasks in the construction of oil and gas wells, along with economic efficiency, is to ensure environmental safety during drilling and during long-term operation.

Unfortunately, recent years have been characterized by a decrease in the quality and technical-and-economic indicators of work due to a natural increase in the abnormality of the geological-and-technical conditions of drilling associated with an increase in depths, volumes of directional and horizontal drilling, full-scale involvement in the development of hard-to-recover oil reserves (HTR).

Responding to contemporary challenges, our team sees success in improving old and developing new well cementing technologies.

The main tasks set in the development of new technologies are aimed at ensuring high-quality, long-term isolation of productive intervals by increasing the contact strength of the cement stone with the casing and the wellbore walls, improving the quality of formation segregation, maintaining its reservoir properties, and eliminating behind-the-casing cross-flows.

The problematic of the ready-made plug-back mixture market is that the vast majority of plug-back mixtures has a general purpose and is required for additional refinement to fully comply with well conditions. Our Company develops and provides the “one bag” technology – ready-made plug-back mixtures meet the declared parameters and requirements of the terms of reference when shipped.

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