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Well Cementing Laboratory provides services for the development of the design of cement and buffer systems, quality control of raw materials and quality control of ready-made dry mixes. The laboratory team consists of highly qualified specialists with solid grounding in well cementing services, engineering and technical knowledge and an excellent chemical and analytical base. The laboratory is located directly at the operations base, in a block of premises with a total area of more than 180m2, with profile zoning according to hazard category. Equipped with a separate warehouse for storing wares and chemical materials.


Includes the following equipment:

-Device for determining Young’s modulus and Poisson’s ratio

-Atmospheric consistometer

HTHP thermobaric consistometer

GS shear tester

Ultrasonic cement analyzer

Sealed curing chamber

HTHP filter press

Automatic hydraulic press

Bottom Drive Mixer

Cooling system

12-speed viscometer

Shrinkage, volumetric and linear expansion tester

Gas-weighting balloon

Mud weight balance

Testing and calibration procedures are performed in accordance with accepted API, ISO and GOST standards:

API 10A, API 10B

ISO 10426-1, ISO 10426-2

GOST 1581-96, etc.






Thermo Scientific



Testing to specifications API 10A, API 10B, ISO-10426, GOST 1581-96
Cement systems in the range 0.8 – 2.5 g / cm3
Testing temperature range -5˚С – 250˚С
Cement slurry miscibility test
Rheological parameters of cement and buffer systems
Water trapping and fluid loss at high temperature (and pressure)
Wettability and compatibility of buffers, cement systems and drilling fluids
Thickening time and strength of cement stone at high temperature and pressure determination
HTHP GS determination
Destructive method strength determination
Sedimentation stability test
Cement stone stress-strain properties testing of (elastic properties)
Density measurement
Water chemical testing



The laboratory is equipped with a full range of equipment required for cement and buffer systems testing.
Laboratory staff members are qualified and trained.