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The engineering staff of NEFTESERVICE offers optimal technological solutions to ensure reliable isolation of zones during well construction in various mining-and-geological conditions, provides engineering-and-technical support in the development of designs, conducting a complex of laboratory research in accordance with GOST 1581-96, ISO 10426-1.2, API 10A, 10B, conducting of audits during well cementing operations, in the development of well cementing programs, namely:

Recommendations for centering / lowering of casing string using the calculation details of specialized software;

Recommendations for adjusting the parameters of cement slurries and spacer fluids using the calculation details of specialized software;

Recommendations in the selection of the optimal formulations of cement slurries and spacer fluids for trouble-free execution of well cementing work;

Recommendations for the use of technological equipment for casing strings based on the calculations of the load model and stresses affecting the casing during lowering, for a planned well trajectory;

Preparation of reports on lowering casing strings and liners and cementing process;

Preparation of reports on the completed audits of the contractors’ fixed-site laboratories completeness, the shelf life and storage conditions of cements and chemicals at the cementing contractor’s operations base;

Preparation of protocols and reports on the results of laboratory physical-and-chemical studies of cement mixtures, chemical agents, cement slurries, buffer fluids and technical water selected during the audit, both at the cluster pad and at the contractor’s cementing operations base.