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The supervising department of the NEFTESERVICE company monitors the work at the Customer’s facility, including all stages of well cementing. Represents the direct interests of the Customer. Responsibilities include:

On-site cementing audits at the Customer’s facilities in accordance with the terms of reference;

Monitoring compliance with the plan requirements for lowing casing strings, liners, bridges, cement squeeze;

Control of the parameters of the drilling mud and the number of circulation cycles before cementing (fixes the pressure normalization and the absence of cuttings on the sieves);

Monitoring compliance with the requirements of the well cementing program;

Monitoring the implementation of technological regulations in the cementing process (control of the mixing quality, the uniformity of the specific gravity, injection rate, squeezing, shearing);

Samplings of water, dry plug-back mixtures, cement slurries and buffer fluids at the Customer’s request, with the obligatory drawing up of a sampling certificate;

An unscheduled audit of the Basics of Fire Safety section with the provision of a detailed report in cases of emergency situations;

Participation in daily conference calls (if required);

Provision of reporting documentation to the Customer;

Development of activities and recommendations to improve the quality of well casing.